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Mobile - Telecom

Mobile - Telecom

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NFC compatible Card

NFC compatible: MIFARE Classic® 1K card

Service - Customized Graphical SIM Card Personalization

Please, don't hesitate to request electronical or graphical personalization service for your UICC/SIM cards by sending an email to

Multipurpose UICC Card with LTE files - Dummy XOR - DUO

A 2FF/3FF UICC multipurpose UICC SIM card incl Dummy XOR algorithm with SIM/USIM/CSIM/ISIM Applications.

Multipurpose UICC Card with LTE files - Dummy XOR - 3FF

Multipurpose UICC Card with LTE files and SIM/USIM/CSIM/ISIM applications - Incl Dummy XOR auth algorithm.

3G USIMERA PRIME Card incl Milenage Algorithm - 3FF

UICC card incl SIM and USIM application and open for extended LTE files and EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA native support.

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