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SMARTJAC Telecom Recommendations

SMARTJAC Telecom Recommendations

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Smartjac Test (U)SIM card - Configure your SIM card!

You can quickly choose the options you need for your test SIM cards; mini 2FF, micro 3FF or nano 4FF form factor, network, algorithm, applications on the card, etc. You can also order and purchase some samples (5 to 10) if you only need a few cards to larger amounts of cards.

Telecom Card Admin Tool

Card Admin suite provides all the necessary fundamentals to FULLY (Proprietary files, Proprietary commands etc.) administrate any 2G SIM Card, 3G USIM Card, CDMA Card, 4G/LTE SIM Card (Gemalto & Competition).

Universal Tracer Tool Suite

Gemalto's Universal Tracer provides a convenient and simple way to trace and interpret communications between a handset and (U)SIM.

Telecom Wireless Developer Tool Suite

Developer suite comes with an end-to-end Simulation Suite: Card Simulators for SIM Cards, USIM Cards and R-UIM Cards.

Secure Element Studio Software Tool

Secure Element Studio software tool. User friendly and a powerful tool to fully administrate secure elements (advanced UICC, eSE). Dedicated to administrate NFC/LTE functionalities. Supports the latest standard evolutions (GP 2.2, 3GPP, 3GPP2).

SMARTJAC SIM card editor

SMARTJAC SIM Editor addresses the SIM card administration by scripting methodology. Create scripts with the help of an easy graphical user interface and execute them with the SIM Writer tool to change parameters, populate files and edit settings.

Mobile Guardian - Protect smartphones from loss or theft

Mobile Guardian App - Protect smartphones from loss or theft.

Mobile Data Protection

Secure all mobiles' backup In the Cloud

IDGo 800 Middleware and SDK for Mobile Devices

IDGo 800 for Mobiles is a cryptographic middleware that supports the Gemalto IDPrime cards and Secure Elements on Mobile platforms: Contact and contactless smart cards, MicroSD cards, UICC-SIM cards and embedded Secure Elements (eSE).

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