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New Products from Telecom Industry

New Products from Telecom Industry

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SMARTJAC SIM card editor

SMARTJAC SIM Editor addresses the SIM card administration by scripting methodology. Create scripts with the help of an easy graphical user interface and execute them with the SIM Writer tool to change parameters, populate files and edit settings.

Trusted Remote Support Service Kit for UICC/SIM Cards

Trusted remote support service kit for UICC/SIM cards.


The ultra thin SIM allows for the placement of two smart cards, into the single SIM card slot of traditional single SIM slot devices.

slimduet SIM

The optimum once-and-forever solution for global mobile communication. One SIM card works for 200 countries. More convenient than WiFi rental, cheaper than global roaming.

SIMoME® JAR Self-Development Kit

Unwrap & Extend your Java Knowledge!
The SIMoME® JAR Self-Development Kit (SDK), a complete package containing all the vital components required for the development of smart card applications, enables an easy way to develop Java applet with patented SIMoME® technology. The SIMoME® JAR SDK provides tools, sample codes, and technical support service to assist developers to effectively incorporate SIMoME® JAR technology into their solutions.

SIMoME® JAR java open plattform

Enable unlimited possibilities in mobile world.

ECoffer-Smart Socket Innovative Mobile Security Solutions

A tamper-resistant secure element to provide a secure environment for the storage and processing of sensitive data.


Simple, Secure and Convenient Contactless Mobile Payment Services on NFC mobile phones.


Taisys mBanking solution is a secure, SIM-based mobile banking solution allowing complex banking transactions on the mobile device even without the use of a smart phone.

Secure eSMS

Additional security for secret messages Taisys’ Secure eSMS provides additional, customized security to allow sending and managing of secret SMS messages.


Two-Factor Authentication on mobile utilizing Taisys' unique, patented SIMoME™ technology slim SIM, allows the addition of two factor authentication into mobile phones already on the market or owned by users.

SIM card ICCID calculator

Smartjac software tool to generate SIM card ICCID numbers.


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