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Smart Card Tools

Smart Card Tools

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vSEC:CMS U-Series User Licence

The vSEC:CMS U2.4 is a platform independent software tool that lets users perform actions with minidriver enabled smart cards.

vSEC:CMS S-series User Licence (Server version)

SMARTJAC best practise for a Large & Medium size enterprise. vSEC:CMS will change your views on how to manage the lifecycle of smart cards. The vSEC:CMS S-Series is an innovative, easily integrated and cost effective Smart Card Management System (SCMS or CMS) that will help you deploy and manage smart cards within your organization. The S-Series is a standalone application that is normally accessed through Terminal Services.

vSEC:CMS K-Series User Licence

vSEC:CMS K-Series is the smart card management system that grows as your smart card needs grow. This is the expert’s tool. It can be used at the early stages of an organization investigating smart card deployment. It is the system that you use in the first pilot installation and when you are ready to go live, you can upgrade the security level at a low cost and use it as your primary system. As your organization grows, there are several documented migration paths to larger smart card management systems such as vSEC:CMS S-Series.

vSEC:CMS Secure Operator Token

vSEC:CMS Secure Operator Token incl Operator Token Licence.

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