IDAdmin 1000 - Token Management System - SmartTMS

Features and Benefits

  • Centrally manage the complete lifecycle of company-issued USB peripherals including binding the token to a user,
  • Administer and remotely distribute applications, documents and web services
  • Enforce security policies on devices including PIN policy and hostile network usage
  • Remote PIN recovery
  • Remote device locking for lost/stolen devices and revoked access for terminated employees
  • Supports multiple OS: Linux, Unix, Windows
  • Support for strong authentication through smart cards
  • Track and audit token usage, recover and re-issue token
Technical Specifications
Server Interface

Rich user interface (Web & Ajax, Java and Java Web Start).
Strong authentication (smartcards and software certificates).
Secure SOAP APIs for Web Services.
Contextual administrator console.

Supported USB devices

OEM gemalto version: 'SmartTMS v1.2' :
A - SmartGuardian 2GB
A1) RO=2000MB, Pub=0MB, Priv=0MB
A2) RO=200MB, Pub=0MB, Priv=1800MB
A3) RO=500MB, Pub=0MB, Priv=1500MB
A4) RO=200MB, Pub=300MB, Priv=1500MB
B - SmartGuardian 4G.
B1) RO=4000MB, Pub=0MB, Priv=0MB
B2) RO=200MB, Pub=0MB, Priv=3800MB
B3) RO=500MB, Pub=0MB, Priv=3500MB
B4) RO=400MB, Pub=600MB, Priv=3000MB

Netheos versions : everbee . Kobil devices


4096 bit RSA and 256 bit AES
256 bit SHA-2
X509 v3
HSM optional (Netheos, Bull crypt2pay).

Operating System Zero foot print. Nothing to install on users computers.     


Overview of the compatibility with third party systems.. 

OS Support

for Server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 (32bits)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 (32bits)
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (32bits) Novell
GNU/Linux Debian 5 (32bits) Debian
OS Support

for Agent

Windows 2003,
Windows XP,
Windows Vista
Windows Seven
HSM   Netheos
Crypt2Pay Bull
Identity Management Open LDAP  
Active Directory (using LDAP for MSAD) Microsoft
PKI & CMS ILM / FIM Microsoft
Entrust PKI Entrust


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