CK Excellent Card holder with Yoyo 4 - horizontal

Card holder: Our most advanced cardholder. Inset hoops simplify assembly of various accessories, such as CK Hook. Using the thumb grip, the card is easy to handle with one hand. Material: PP. Dim.: 88x57x4 mm. Card format: CR80.

Lanyard: Woven Lanyard in polyester with a beautiful patterned nickel plated metal clamp. Supplied with CardKeep Sport hook. Length: 90 cm.

Yoyo: Durable yoyo for cards that are used frequently. One or more cards as well as individual keys can be carried on the yoyo. The Yoyo is either attached directly to the belt loop or with clip CK Yoyo Hook.

Yoyo hook: Chrome-plated crocodile clip on our patented plastic hook. The hook is eas-ily threaded through the card or card holder.

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