ComSignTrust Desktop digital signing suite

From within the document itself or from within the email itself – ComSignTrust™ Desktop has been designed to meet the needs of businesses that require a comprehensive software tool (along with a manual digital signature – smart card, e-token, etc) to digitally sign all document formats during organizational workflow.

When you deploy ComSignTrust™, all of the solution’s benefits, especially ROI, start on day one.

ComSignTrust™ Desktop Highlights

  • Improves the efficiency of organizational data workflow
  • Saves time, cost and resources of manual tasks
  • Increases the security and privacy of your organization and your consumers
  • Allows multiple signatures on one document within a few minutes
  • Eliminates future costs associated with document production, handling, storage and disposal
  • Reaps immediate savings by going paperless
  • Mitigates the risks and costs associated with human error
  • Operates with every SSCD (Secure Cryptographic Signature Device) or software token
  • Digital time-stamping produces more reliable signatures

ComSignTrust™ Desktop is a digital signing software solution that can be installed directly on your desktop and/ or your email software (like MS-Outlook) and provides signing capabilities. Operating with every SSCD (Secure Cryptographic Signature Device) like a smart card or e-token or HSM, these devices contain your digital signature so only you or someone you designate can produce digitally signed documents.

Depending on your needs, the Desktop solution comes in two versions, Basic and Professional. You’ll also be able to add a variety of modules and services ComSignTrust™ offers to extend the value of your Desktop solution further.

ComSignTrust™ Desktop Basic Edition

When you need a basic digital signing solution that eliminates the manual signing process, ComSignTrust ™ Desktop Basic Edition is your answer. Working with a variety of document formats — PDF, MS-office and more — you’ll be able to sign your files.

ComSignTrust™ Desktop Professional Edition

ComSignTrust™ Desktop Professional Edition is an ideal solution to reduce costs associated with administrative tasks that are time and resource consuming. You’ll be able to sign and email your invoices and any other documents within a few clicks.

Compatible with a variety of document formats such as PDF and MS-office, and more, your business will reap the substantial benefits of automation and going paperless. Containing all the functionality of the Basic Edition, Professional also: 

  • Includes bulk signing feature
  • Creates email account profiles for bulk-emails
  • Features full folder signing


ComSignTrust ™ Desktop Features

  • PAdeS signatures – compliant with Directive 1999/93/EC
  • Digital timestamp client compliant with RFC3161 or MS. Authenticode
  • Support for secure cryptographic devices (SCSD) and software keys
  • Adobe PDF, Microsoft office TIFF, and PKCS#7 (for any file types)
  • Active X / Silverlight interface for web portals
  • Support for native PDF/OpenXML/XML/OpenOffice signature formats
  • PDF signing with SHA256/SHA512 on windows XP
  • Rule-based mailing support including integration with Outlook
  • Microsoft Authenticode including timestamp (exe, msi, dll, ocx, jar, cab and more)
  • Ink annotation support – adding this type of annotation won’t invalidate a signed document
  • Detached signatures
  • Extendable by plugins
  • Runs natively on 64bit platforms
  • Profile based configuration
  • Code signing of executables and software libraries
  • Centralized logging
  • Multilingual UI
  • Visual graphics positioning on a document before signing
  • Ability to set a signature on any page you choose and in any point in the document
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