Ezio Armored Application

Protects from web-based attacks

When you need to enhance security of online banking, fast - the Ezio Armored Application is an easy to deploy software solution. No matter what solution you have in place today.
Unlike current hardware-based solutions, the Ezio Armored Application can be deployed within a few weeks only, allowing for fast response to web-based threats while also reducing IT costs.
The Ezio Armored Application provides additional parameters to feed banks' risk management tools with data on the user's environment.

How it works

Downloading the application:

  1. The user connects to the bank's website, proceeds with the login, clicks on the download link and the installation begins.
  2. The application is then automatically installed on the user's PC. A shortcut placed on the computer's desktop when the installation is finalized.

Using the application

  1. The user clicks on the application icon on the desktop to launch the application and proceeds as usual with the login.
  2. The user navigates in the online banking portal as is done using a traditional browser.

Part of the Ezio Suite

Ezio Armored Application can be deployed independently from or as a complement to Exio two-factor authentication solutions.
The Ezio Suite of online banking solution is scalable, flexible and modular - desgined to be future proof, support seamless upgrades and introduction of new solutions and services.


  • Automated and secure connection to online banking accounts
  • Sandbox based execution on Windows and MAC OS
  • Controlle navigation
  • Patented anti-phishing and anti key-logging mechanisms
  • Protection against malware
  • Accommodates existing web-pages
  • Fully configurable with the bank's branding and security policy
  • Compatible with PKI and OTP signatures

Ezio Plug&Sign is the ONLY true zero footprint device on the market. It ensures a secure online banking experience anytime, anywhere. And it’s dead easy to use – just plug in, review, click and sign!


Thanks to its embedded and smart card encrypted SD memory, Ezio Plug&Sign ensures a 100% secure web browser every time you connect – whenever, wherever.

Leaving no traces behind and requiring zero installation, Ezio Plug&Sign is true zero footprint.

EASY AS 1-2-3-4

Ezio Plug&Sign works with any PC and requires nothing more from the user than a PIN to log in and a fully functional finger to push the button and sign the transaction. Simply put – it’s plug, review, click and sign.

This ease of use does not only take the load off the users’ backs, but also from your helpdesk. Saving hours of work as well as cost.


Ezio Plug&Sign is the only authentication solution protecting EVERY financial transaction, including ACH and Wire batches.

It’s PKI enabled, integrated with a smart card and built on Ezio technology used by more than 40 million bank customers worldwide.


Ezio Plug&Sign can be managed remotely, enabling updating of certificates and applications.

By just adding a new URL to Ezio Plug&Sign, the bank can instantly deploy new services, such as e.g. eSigning. Since no new hardware needs to be sent out this is the most cost-efficient way to future-proof your online channels.

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