Secure Remote Access

Remote access systems and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enable a high level of security for end-toend network connections but provide limited client-side security. User name/password authentication to the client can result in a major security breach if the credentials are hacked or stolen. The secure connection is ineffective if one of the end points is attacked and the entire network and information assets are at risk.

Gemalto Solution Benefits

Adding Gemalto’s Protiva™ solution to Microsoft’s UAG, significantly improves client side security for remote access by requiring 2 Factor Authentication – something the user knows (a PIN or a Password) and something the user has (a smart card or a token).

End user experience

Users benefit from increased mobility as they can connect securely from potentially un-secure environments such as internet cafés or kiosk at an airport. At the same time, the user is made to feel more responsible for the protection of the assets of the company when connecting from remote locations.


Solution Components

Protiva offers both certificate based and OTP based authentication with a key feature being that customers can start with OTP and add certificate based authentication later or vice versa.

SA Server (OTP authentication server): An authentication server compliant with the industry standard OATH and which is readily adaptable to existing networks and AAA servers. Gemalto .NET range of smart cards, Smart Card Readers and OTP tokens, a wide range
→ Gemalto .NET
or Smart Card Readers and OTP tokens, a wide range of form factors fitting most needs.
→ Hybrid Card (contact-less) card bodies for combining physical and logical access (option)
DAS software to manage the Gemalto .NET smart cards. Cloud computing in action, DAS is a web based service provided by Gemalto and its partners – the end customer has no software to install or maintain.

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