Enterprise Security Options

Enterprise Security Options

Protecting Your Data, Assuring Identities.

Sensitive data is everywhere. And in a complex and
evolving climate of advanced threats, virtualization,
regulatory mandates, and mobility, organizations are
taking a data-centric approach to protect and control
their sensitive information.

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Gem Serial Lite Pro 32-pin QFN chip T&R

Smart Card interface
Compliance with Standard
ISO/IEC 7816-1, 2, 3 and 4
EMV 2000
Mondex, Proton, ZKA, Other

ExecProtect Solution

ExecProtect is a customized portfolio of end-point security solutions for your highest risk executives. Dedicated to meeting the needs of today's busy executives, ExecProtect is a convenient technology which enables secure and trusted business operations in an ever increasing mobile world with a whole new subset of devices and platforms in which data is accessed.

APayPass1000 Mobile Smart Card Reader

APayPass1000 is a magnetic strip card terminal throughout audio jack interface.

.NET Solution Securing Offices and Networks

With the .NET range (minidriver smart card), organizations can easily leverage advanced and proven smart card technology to secure their networks end-to-end, whilst dramatically reducing implementation costs and complexity.

Company Badge (small enterprise)

Solution Elements → .NET or .NET Bio or any minidriver range of smart card and Smart Card Reader. → Hybrid Card (contactless) bodies for combining physical and logical access. → vCMS software to manage the.NET and any minidriver smart card. Advanced smart card management made easy and secure !

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