SafeNet IDPrime Virtual Smart Card

Virtual Smart Cards are based on the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) that is available on all modern Windows enabled devices, which means that hardware protected security is now available on laptops, tablets and smartphones –Secure Mobility!


  • Full crypto operations support
  • Import certificates
  • Generate certificates
  • Digital Signing
  • Encryption and Decryption
  • MS CAPI support by SafeNet Minidriver
  • PKCS #11 support by SafeNet Authentication Client

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual Server

·       Delivered as a Docker

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual Server Database

·       MariaDB Database

·       MSSQL Database

·       MySQL Database


·       Protects SafeNet IDPrime Virtual Database

·       SafeNet Luna 7 Support

SafeNet Trusted Access (or 3rd party IDP)

·       Acts as an indentity provider to authenticate users to the SafeNet IDPrime Virtual server

SafeNet Minidriver OR SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC)

·       PKI middleware/Minidriver

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual Client

·       Launches the SafeNet IDPrime solution on the Windows client

SafeNet IDPrime Virtual SDK

·       For developers who want to build proprietary apps

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