Comprion MoVie

The stand-alone viewing software for log files recorded with COMPRION test tools

  • No test hardware required
  • Display format as used by COMPRION Interoperability Test Center and Device Test Center
  • Includes practical features known from other COMPRION products, for example search functions analyzers timing measurements.

MoVie is a perfect tool for sharing monitoring data recorded with one of our test tools with colleagues or clients who do not have access to COMPRION hardware.

  • Share the monitoring results directly by just sending the recorded log file
  • Spares you to generate and exchange screenshots or to write cumbersome reports
  • Offers COMPRION's outstanding monitoring performance 

Comprion Monitoring Viewer (MoVie) is a log files viewing software allowing to display and analyze monitoring sessions that have been recorded and saved with any COMPRION hardware platform.
The trace files can be shown on every PC or laptop without any test hardware connected, making MoVie a perfect tool for sharing data with colleagues, partners or clients.
Moreover, the operator works with a known user interface and no export of data or date conversion is needed.

Main Capabilities

„ Display and analysis of trace files
— Support of different layer views (physical, protocol, transport, application)
„ Summary View (synchronized high-level information from all protocols in one compact view)
„ Supported protocols (depending on recorded log file)
— ISO/IEC 7816 1-4
— SWP (Single Wire Protocol)
— HCP (Host Controller Protocol)
— IC-USB (Inter-Chip Universal Serial Bus)
— ISO/IEC 14443 Type A, B
„ Features known from other COMPRION products:
„ Search, analyzers, timing measurements
„ View of the complete OTA communication with OTA Remote Management Translator

Use Cases

„ To show trace files on any PC or laptop without any test hardware connected
„ To share COMPRION data with colleagues or even clients


„ CLT Move
„ CLT One
„ IT3 Platform
„ IT3 Prove!
„ MiniMove
„ Move 2
„ Prove 2
„ Spectro 2/Spectro TP
„ TraceCase
„ UT³ Platform


„ Processor operating frequency: min. 2 GHz
„ RAM: min. 1 GB
„ Hard disc: min. 200 MB
„ Supported OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10

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