Network Bridge

With the Network Bridge, remote SIM provisioning scenarios can be processed in a lab environment independent of a real
network, network simulator, or device. It allows end-to-end testing with just the eUICC and the subscription manager by “bridging” the complete over-the-air communication (cellular network) and providing appropriate simulations.

The lean software solution for testing OTA remote provisioning capabilities of non-soldered (e)UICCs

The Network Bridge is a software solution that reduces the investment in the test setup as (e)UICC testing is possible without a network and even without a network simulator. It allows end-to-end OTA testing if just the (e)UICC and the backend is available as it “bridges” the complete over-the-air communication (mobile network, WiFi/Bluetooth).

The necessary device functionality (mobile equipment, Local Profile Assistant) and the relevant network communication units(SMSC server, packet gateway) are simulated. The graphical user interface provides information about the current status of the simulated device and shows additionally the logged data exchanged between subscription manager, device, and eUICC in a clear format.
Network Bridge is a cost saving solution as subscription manager and eUICC can communicate directly without requiring any other hardware.

The Network Bridge provides a direct connection between (e)UICCs and back end servers. This way, remote administration scenarios can be processed in a lab environment independent of a real network or a network simulator. This makes the work of (e)UICC manufacturers, MNOs, SM-DP(+), and SM-SR providers easier. The test effort is reduced significantly, because there is no need for a network simulator and the testing limitations of a real or simulated network do not apply.

 Network Bridge Diagram 7168957b00

It comes with simulations of the essential network and server components as well as simulated mobile equipment or other parts of the devices like an LPA for consumer devices (see setup figures).

Logs of such transaction are displayed in a well structured UI. They can be processed and analyzed even further in popular monitoring UI including the OTA remote management translator. Thus analyzing and understanding remote provisioning APDUs becomes more human friendly and requires less expertise. By help of the integrated API frequent test scenarios can be automated or integrated into existing test solutions.

Now Available with LPA Simulation

As an add-on to Network Bridge, Smartjac now offers a simulation for the Local Profile Assistant (LPA), an indispensable part in the GSMA consumer device architecture. Instead of using the app of a real mobile device, our LPA simulation enables industry players such as SM-DP+ operators or eUICC manufacturers to simulate the behavior of an LPA installed on a mobile device.

For changing the operator subscription, the eUICC and the SM-DP+ server have to communicate with each other. The LPA Simulation allows managing the communication between the two entities. A detailed Sequence Viewer visualizes which entities have communicated with each other and shows where communication problems have occurred.


Setup for the Network Bridge testing OTA communication within M2M environment:

Network Bridge Setup M2M PCSC 97ebfafb89


Setup for the Network Bridge testing OTA communication within consumer device environment:

Network Bridge Setup CD LPAd 268193882e


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