Remote SIM Provisioning Platform for M2M and Consumer Device Architecture

RSP (remote SIM provisioning) M2M Platform and RSP (remote SIM provisioning) Consumer Devices Platform enable you to set up a complete remote SIM provisioning infrastructure in a lab environment around the eUICC. The off -card interfaces of both platforms are accessed using appropriate web services.

RSP (remote SIM provisioning) M2M Platform provides a simulation for a Subscription Manager Data Preparation (SM-DP) and a Subscription Manager Secure Routing (SM-SR). Consequently, it supports all relevant administration processes like profile download and installation, profile enabling, profile disabling, and profile deletion in the same manner as a real RSP (remote SIM provisioning ) architecture.

RSP M2M Platform

The flexible platform for the simulation of M2M remote SIM provisioning scenarios

This platform provides capabilities for the simulation of all components of the eUICC remote SIM provisioning architecture and
for running advanced RSP scenarios:

  • Enables remote administration and provisioning in a lab environment
  • Usable in combination with real eUICC, SM-SR and SM-DP
  • Provides advanced logging capabilities for the eUICC on-card interfaces
  • and SM-DP and SM-SR off-card interfaces
  • Supports all remote administration and provisioning procedures

RSP Consumer Devices Platform

The Easy to Configure Architecture for Remote SIM Provisioning of eUICCs in Consumer Devices.

This platform enables MNOs, manufacturers of consumer devices, eUICCs and service providers and anyone else involved in remote sim provisioning to setup their individual environment for running RSP scenarios and testing relevant interfaces. It helps to get familiar with all procedures of remote SIM provisioning.

  • Helps to make your business RSP compatible
  • Let you build your operational RSP infrastructure step by step Testing of real components against GSMA compliant simulations
  • Allows to work with the same eSIM profiles at the same time worldwide
  • Enables remote administration and provisioning in a lab environment
  • Advanced logging capabilities uncover data exchanged between RSP entities

Use cases

The RSP CD Platform enables network operators, service providers, and manufacturers of servers, consumer devices, and eUICCs to test their products against a simulated GSMA compliant RSP environment.

They can do this in-house with a much lower effort compared to testing in a real environment. The simulation enables the test operator to concentrate on the setup of those components that are required for testing the relevant RSP functionality. The modular structure of the simulated RSP environment allows an incremental and easy integration of real entities.

Make your business process RSP compatible

If you want to switch to mobile telecommunication based on eSIMs, you need to find out if and how the existing components can be made RSP compatible. A mobile network operator, for example, can work with the existing back-end infrastructure and, if required, with real embedded SIMs. The rest of the RSP environment is managed by the RSP platform.

If required,

  • the entire RSP infrastructure can be replaced step-by-step with real components.
  • the higher level management systems and processes can be tested
  • the correct operation and interoperability of the real components can be checked

Remote development and testing worldwide

RSP Consumer Devices Platform is accessible via a web front end and can be operated remotely from any location. This facilitates cooperative development worldwide:

People from different departments working in different countries can develop their components or profiles using the same RSP environment SIM profiles developed in the R&D department can be tested locally in mobile consumer devices in any region of the world.

SIM (test) profiles can be easily managed and distributed company-/worldwide


The modular structure of the platform enables you to integrate real components into the setup to test its interoperability.
Test environment and real operation environment are becoming comparable thus increasing the practical relevance of successful test runs,for example, in the areas of eUICC management and profile management.

Due to the number of involved components in an RSP architecture, communicati on required for provisioning
procedures is complex. To prevent the user from losing track, both RSP platf orms off er so-called sequence
diagrams that provide a quick overview of the exchanged commands and data between subscripti on manager,
device, and eUICC. This visualization helps to analyze the communicati on fl ow thus facilitati ng troubleshooting and debugging.


RSP Consumer Devices Platform provides a modular test environment with several simulation modules for the RSP consumer devices ecosystem. Using RSP Consumer Devices Platform, you can test external interfaces in a lab environment. After successful testing, the simulated components can be replaced with real entities, which facilitates the hassle-free start of your production system.

The platform's modularity guarantees a flexible and lightweight approach as dedicated operative components of this architecture can be integrated into the test setup, according to the individual testing needs:

  • eSIMs, stand-alone or soldered into a device consumer device / LPA
  • MNO back-end servers
  • SM-DP+, and SM-DS servers

Key Benefits

  • For RSP beginners: get familiar with all procedures of remote SIM provisioning
  • Modularity allows a flexible and use case-specific mix of simulated and real components
  • Clearly-structured sequence list of the communication between real and simulated entities helps developers to analyze and resolve problems. In real systems this communication is not visible
  • (Test) SIM profiles can be easily managed and distributed company-/worldwide
  • SIM profiles developed in the R&D department can be tested locally in mobile consumer devices in any region of the world
  • Reduced complexity allows convenient handling and quick test setup
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