TraceCase - The slick tracer for contactless transactions

TraceCase is the small and handy test solution for discreetly tracing contactless transactions under real-life conditions. The powerful TraceCase software allows analyzing and debugging in order to create a reliable NFC ecosystem.

Together with TraceCase Toolbox the user receives a command-line based control interface to operate TraceCase remotely. This facilitates the integration into an existing test environment.

Technical consultants & application engineers for field trials and pilot projects, for example, in the area of:

  • Access control
  • Public transport
  • Mobile payment

Perfect for tracing in the field

  • Simple setup & handling
  • Small and mobile for discreet use
  • Data capture without disrupting the daily business
  • Location, date, & time are clearly assigned to data

Powerful for analyzing in-house or by a third party

  • Comprehensive and reliable software
  • Unique: visualizing and analyzing digital and analog signals
  • EMV translator: detailed analysis of payment transactions in Application Layer.
  • Ideally suited to identify technical issues

On request, TraceCase is also available as TraceCase fit, a customized and even more inconspicuous version hidden in a smartphone case.

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Sniffing into NFC Communication

Whether mobile payments at the POS, or access control
in public transport or in buildings: Wherever NFC technology is used, errors may occur. In order to solve these
communication problems in the field, COMPRION has
developed TraceCase, a mobile NFC sniffer that comes
with a powerful analyzing software.

TraceCase in the Lab

While TraceCase is operated manually by smartphone
in the field, TraceCase Toolbox expands the capabilities
for the development lab. Using a command-line interface
especially facilitates the integration into an existing test
environment. Thus, TraceCase can be operated by remote
control, and the level of automation can be increased.

Analyzing Analog & Digital Signals

Using the powerful TraceCase Viewer software, the recorded data can be analyzed in-house or by a third party.
Not only digital but also analog signals are displayed and
analyzed. TraceCase Toolbox converts the traced data
both into plain, easy understandable text (PDF) and into a
file format ideally suited for further processing (XML).

Key Benefits

 Resource-effi cient operation
— Easy integration into test environment
— Data recording by remote control
— Automated test runs
 Recorded communication is represented in
comprehensible form (frame and APDU level)

Supported Operating Systems

 Windows 10 (64 bit)
 macOS (planned)

Main Functions

 Remote control functions
— Start trace
— Stop trace
— Download trace fi le
 Convert TraceCase proprietary
format into
— XML format
— PDF format

Supported Protocols

 ISO/IEC 14443 A/B
 ISO 18092
 NFC Forum A/B/F

Supported Tag Types

 NFC Forum Type 1, 2, 3, 4 A/B Tags

Recording Length

 Analog: 0.6 … 20 s (depending on sample rate)
 Digital: 2 Mbit communication data
 Sample rate: 54.24 MHz


 1x MCX (antenna connector)
 1x Micro-USB (for recharge)
 Wi-Fi (EEE802.11 b/g/n; 2.4 GHz)
for communication with smartphone
and host PC

Power Supply & Battery Life

 Rechargeable battery: 3.7 V, 1,100 mAh
 Up to 6 hours

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