07. Best Practise for Trusted Microsoft Apps and OS

07. Best Practise for Trusted Microsoft Apps and OS

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ExecProtect Solution

ExecProtect is a customized portfolio of end-point security solutions for your highest risk executives. Dedicated to meeting the needs of today's busy executives, ExecProtect is a convenient technology which enables secure and trusted business operations in an ever increasing mobile world with a whole new subset of devices and platforms in which data is accessed.

.NET Solution Securing Offices and Networks

With the .NET range (minidriver smart card), organizations can easily leverage advanced and proven smart card technology to secure their networks end-to-end, whilst dramatically reducing implementation costs and complexity.

Company Badge (small enterprise)

Solution Elements → .NET or .NET Bio or any minidriver range of smart card and Smart Card Reader. → Hybrid Card (contactless) bodies for combining physical and logical access. → vCMS software to manage the.NET and any minidriver smart card. Advanced smart card management made easy and secure !

IDBridge CT1100 - Bluetooth Smart Badge Holder

Use Cases: *Secure remote access (VPN/ Web) *Digital signature *Network logon *Strong two-factor authentication *Email encryption

IDBridge K1100 Bluetooth Reader

Use Cases: -Secure remote access (VPN/ Web) -Digital signature -Network logon -Strong two-factor authentication -Email encryption -eHealth, eProcurement, and eGovernment applications.

Bluegiga BLED112-V1 USB-BLE dongle

USB dongle supporting Bluetooth Smart (eg Low Energy). Bluetooth Smart Ready for Linux, Android & Windows devices.

2061 Bluetooth® Smart Card Reader

Full-size contact smart card reader Bluetooth and USB connected for mobile use.

tPro ECC secure usb token

tPro ECC is a small, user-friendly device for authorizing electronic funds transfers. It is embedded with certificates and private keys based on the Elliptic Curves Cryptography (ECC) mechanism, one of the best solutions for the future-proof secure systems.

tPro OTP

tPro OTP is a small and user-friendly device that generates and automatically inputs one-time passwords, based on the HOTP (HMAC) algorithm. There is no need to rewrite passwords from a card or a screen, so they can be much longer which increases security.

tPro OTP may be used in banking, but it can have other purposes too. Apart from verifying transfers and operations, it can be useful in all the situations, where a username and a password are not enough.

IDBridge CT1100 - Bluetooth Smart Badge Holder-White

Use Cases: *Secure remote access (VPN/ Web) *Digital signature *Network logon *Strong two-factor authentication *Email encryption

Data Protection On Demand - DPOD

Deploy and manage key management and hardware security module services, on-demand and from the cloud.

SafeNet eToken 5110 - usb portable strong authentication

SafeNet portfolio of certificate-based USB tokens offers strong multi-factor authentication in a traditional token form factor, enabling organizations to address their PKI security needs. SafeNet PKI USB tokens offer a single solution for strong authentication and applications access control, including remote access, network access, password management, network logon, as well as advanced applications including digital signature, data and email encryption.

SafeNet eToken 5300 - usb portable third factor authentication

PKI-based Multi-factor Authenticator

In today’s world of on-the-move workforces and mobility, enterprise IT needs to carefully balance security with convenience. Organizations are long-past feeling comfortable with simple user name and passwords being the only protection keeping unwanted intruders from gaining access to networks and identities. That is why more and more businesses depend on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to provide the strong security to maintain a safe digital environment.

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