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OEM Chip by implementation

OEM Chip by implementation

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Core POS chip SO24 V1.00-G

Single chip architecture for multi-card interfaces

Core POS chip TQFP64 V1.00-G

Single chip architecture for multi-card interfaces

Gem Serial Lite Pro 32-pin QFN chip T&R

Smart Card interface
Compliance with Standard
ISO/IEC 7816-1, 2, 3 and 4
EMV 2000
Mondex, Proton, ZKA, Other

IDBridge CL10 Module (Legacy Name : Prox Module Device)

IDBridge CL10 Module.Small size OEM coupler equipped with a RS 232-TTL interface but no embedded antenna.

Lumidigm® V-Series Fingerprint Sensors

Multispectral imaging technology ensures accurate biometric authentication.

Lumidigm® V-Series Fingerprint Modules

Enhanced Biometric Authentication - Anyone, Anytime, Any Environment.

Call for Price: +46(8)41071230

Lumidigm® M-Series Fingerprint Modules

Award-winning multispectral imaging technology. Extend the Power of Lumidigm Multispectral Imaging Technology.

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