Gemalto IDPrime MD 830 - Minidriver Enabled PKI Java Card Minidriver enabled contact smartcard, with Plug & Play capability. FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified (for.. Product #: SMAGO1055604 based on 0 reviews

IDPrime MD 830 - Minidriver Enabled PKI Java Card

IDPrime MD are Minidriver enabled PKI smartcards, working seamlessly with any Microsoft environment (without any additional middleware).

IDPrime MD smartcards are offering all the necessary services (with either RSA or Elliptic curves algorithms) to secure an IT Security and ID access infrastructure.

The IDPrime MD 3810 & MD 3840 are dual interface smartcards, allowing communicating either via a contact interface or via a contactless ISO14443 interface, also compatible with the NFC standard. The IDPrime MD 3840 is also CC EAL5+ / PP SSCD certified.

The IDPrime MD 830 is a contact smartcard, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified (combination of java platform and PKI applet).

The IDPrime MD 840 is a contact smartcard, CC EAL5+ / PP SSCD certified. It is also available in a MicroSD form factor, called IDPrime MD 8840.


The IDGo 800 PKCS#11 libraries extend the compatibility of these smart cards to any type of applications, and any environment (Windows, MAC, Linux) that may be in used in an IT Security solution.This brings a high portability level to the numerous applications developed by Gemalto partners listed in the Compatibility section below.

The IDPrime MD smartcards are also fully supported by the IDGo 800 for Mobiles middleware (Android, iOS).

Other IDGo 800 modules are also available, such as the IDGo 800 Credential Provider and the IDGo 800 minidriver dll.

IDGo 800 is compatible with both the IDPrime MD cards and the IDPrime .NET cards.

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