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Smartjac Industries Inc M2M Plug 85 MIM Ideal for replacement of classic SIM in existing modems. Standard SIM card format... Product #: SMAG100PLUG85 based on 0 reviews

M2M Plug 85 MIM

Brand: Smartjac Industries Inc
Product Code: SMAG100PLUG85

  • Solution’s Key Features
    _ Field-proven solution
    _ Designed for industry applications
    _ Extended life span
    _ Highly secure
  • Operator Benefits
    _ Simpler SIM logistics and reduced costs
    _ Helps mobile operators claim and retain a significant stake in this new market
    _ Warranty extension according to customer specifications
    _ Multi network support – 2G / 3G / LTE
  • M2M Actor’s Value
    _ Easy to integrate
    _ M2M industrial qualification
    _ Avoid SIM manual manipulation (FullM2M)
    _ Optimizes the logistics
  • Associated Technology
    _ JavaTM Card OS
    _ Advanced EEPROM endurance
    _ eXtended Life mechanism
    _ Global Platform
    _ GSM Standards
  • Temperature resistance range: -35°C / +85°C

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