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Smartjac Industries Inc M2M Plug 105 MIM Ideal for replacement of classic SIM in existing modems. Standard SIM card format but made with a mo.. Product #: SMAG100PLUG105 based on 0 reviews

M2M Plug 105 MIM

Brand: Smartjac Industries Inc
Product Code: SMAG100PLUG105
  • Ideal for replacement of classic SIM in existing modems
  • Standard SIM card format but made with a more robust material
  • Resistant to harsh environments
  • Suitable for environments up to 105°C
  • Industrial grade - industrial qualification (JEDEC)
  • Exclusive extended Life mechanism to endure a longer life span
  • Fit any equipment
  • M2M Industrial
  • Extended endurance
  • - 40°C / +105°C
  • All products are Java Card 2.2.1, Global Platform, GSM standard compliant.​
  • MIM Key Features
  • Field-proven solution
  • Designed for industrial applications
  • Built for an extended life span thanks to the Extended Life Mechanism
  • Highly secure
  • Associated Technology
  • Java™ Card OS
  • Advanced EEPROM endurance
  • Operator Benefits
  • Simplified SIM logistics and reduced costs
  • Helps mobile operators claim and retain a significant stake in this new market
  • Warranty extension according to customer specifications
  • Benefits for M2M Value Chain
  • Easy to integrate
  • M2M industrial qualification (JEDEC)
  • Avoid SIM manual manipulation (FullM2M)
  • Optimizes logistics
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