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Asure ID® Card Personalization Software - Enterprise

Next generation card personalization software for multiple workstations sharing a common database.

Asure ID® Card Personalization Software - Express

Next generation card personalization software. Powerful, stand alone card personalization software.

Asure ID® Card Personalization Software - Exchange

Next generation card personalization software for more sophisticated secure credential applications, providing advanced smart card functionality and laser engraving.

SMARTJAC SIM card editor

SMARTJAC SIM Editor addresses the SIM card administration by scripting methodology. Create scripts with the help of an easy graphical user interface and execute them with the SIM Writer tool to change parameters, populate files and edit settings.

IDGo 800 Middleware and SDK for Mobile Devices

IDGo 800 for Mobiles is a cryptographic middleware that supports the Gemalto IDPrime cards and Secure Elements on Mobile platforms: Contact and contactless smart cards, MicroSD cards, UICC-SIM cards and embedded Secure Elements (eSE).

Product Authentication Software

Product Authentication software offers global anti-counterfeit protections and product diversion detection.

SIM card ICCID calculator

Smartjac software tool to generate SIM card ICCID numbers.



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