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16. End of Life

16. End of Life

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Secure Element Studio Software Tool

Secure Element Studio software tool. User friendly and a powerful tool to fully administrate secure elements (advanced UICC, eSE). Dedicated to administrate NFC/LTE functionalities. Supports the latest standard evolutions (GP 2.2, 3GPP, 3GPP2).

IDProve 300 - OTP

IDProve 300 (OOB Mobile OTP)

IDPrime .NET 7519 - USB Key token with OTP Display

IDPrime .NET 7519 - USB Key token with OTP Display

IDConfirm test and validation software

IDConfirm 1000 and IDProve 300 Mobile OTP and IDProve 500 Desktop OTP User License Free of Charge

IDBridge CL300 w. stand (Legacy Name : Prox-SU Device with Stand)

Prox-SU is a PC-Link contactless reader with a SAM ( Secure Acess Module) slot. this contact SAM card may be required in some security scheme based on DESFire®, MIFARE® Plus or Calypso cards.

IDBridge CL3000 w. stand (Legacy Name : Prox-DU Device with Stand)

Prox-DU which combines contact and contactless smart card interfaces in a single cost effective USB reader

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