Smartjac Industries Inc Smartjac Test (U)SIM card - Configure your SIM card! You can quickly choose the options you need for your test SIM cards; mini 2FF, micro 3FF or nano 4FF.. Product #: SMATEST101 based on 0 reviews

Smartjac Test (U)SIM card - Configure your SIM card!

Product Code: SMATEST101

Available Options

* Algorithm:
Applicacions on the UICC :
* Generation:
Networks supported:
* Printing template:


Template 1


Template 2


Template 3 (with your logotype for an extra fee)


Template 4 (with your logotype for an extra fee)


* SIM card format:

Please check the checkboxes that apply to your needs. If you are not sure about the applications or the supported networks, leave them be and we'll try to select the best card for your needs anyway.

Upload personalisation info:

library upload

If you get a mime error please try to compress your file to zip before uploading. You may use this Excel sheet to fill in your SIM card parameters: Excel32

Upload your graphics (logotype):

General Card Physical Characteristics

Follows ISO 7816 containing standards (produced by International Standard Organization) for Integrated Circuit Cards with contacts (smart card). Supports class A (5V), B (3V), and C (1.8V) mobile equipment.
Communication protocol: ISO T=0.

Authentication Algorithm Milenage/Dummy XOR/Cave.

Minimum Compliance with

  • Java Card™
  • Java Card™ 2.1.1 API Specification.
  • Java Card™ 2.1.1 Runtime Environment Specification.
  • Java Card™ 2.1.1 Virtual Machine Architecture Specification.

Note: Java Card™ 2.2.1 available also.

GP2.1.1 (multi-SD support)

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