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SDK - Middleware - Tools

SDK - Middleware - Tools

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IDGo 800 - Middleware and SDK for Mobile Devices

IDGo 800 for Mobiles is a cryptographic middleware that supports the Gemalto IDPrime cards and Secure Elements on Mobile platforms: Contact and contactless smart cards, MicroSD cards, UICC-SIM cards and embedded Secure Elements (eSE).

SafeNet Authentication Client– Desktop Software for PKI-Based Authentication Management

SafeNet Authentication Client – is a middleware client that manages Gemalto’s extensive SafeNet portfolio of certificate-based authenticators, including eToken, IDPrime smart cards, iKey smart card, USB and software-based devices. Offering full backward compatibility and incorporating features from previous middleware versions, SafeNet Authentication Client ensures complete support for all currently deployed eToken and iKey devices, as well as IDPrime MD and .NET smart cards.

Test SIM Simulator

The Test SIM Simulator is an integral part of the test setup offered by vendors of network test equipment. This new solution enables 100% test automation of network protocol conformance testing. Based on the IT³ Prove! terminal tester (hardware and software), it replaces the physical test SIM card through a simulation. Thus, different UICC profiles (CSIM, USIM, ISIM) needed for the different network access technologies (2G/GSM, UMTS/W-CDMA, CDMA2000, LTE) can be simulated.

Connectivity Test Center

Compliance testing according to GSMA, SIMalliance, ETSI, and 3GPP(2) specifications with Connectivity Test Center

Network Bridge

With the Network Bridge, remote SIM provisioning scenarios can be processed in a lab environment independent of a real
network, network simulator, or device. It allows end-to-end testing with just the eUICC and the subscription manager by “bridging” the complete over-the-air communication (cellular network) and providing appropriate simulations.

eUICC Profile Manager

The modular tool for efficient eUICC life cycle management.

The eUICC Profile Manager enables users to manage embedded SIMs (eUICCs) throughout their entire life cycle.

With eUICC Profile Manager supporting M2M as well as consumer device eUICCs, you can load profiles to eUICCs, enable and disable profiles, and delete profiles. A easy user interface hides the complex RSP (remote SIM provisioning) architecture
that is required for execution of the corresponding procedures. In addition, eUICC Profile Manager scans the contents of an enabled profile, visualizes the file system, allows editing, and visualizes the sent and received commands in a sequence diagram or protocol view.

Remote SIM Provisioning Platform for M2M and Consumer Device Architecture

RSP (remote SIM provisioning) M2M Platform and RSP (remote SIM provisioning) Consumer Devices Platform enable you to set up a complete remote SIM provisioning infrastructure in a lab environment around the eUICC. The off -card interfaces of both
platforms are accessed using appropriate web services.


Unique modular approach to create use-case-specific OTA test solutionsTesting the OTA functionality of all involved components, covering the complete communication chain:

  • Back-end/network/mobile device/UICC
  • Enables the user to simulate whatever component is not present
  • Achieves a test setup that can be completely managed in a lab
  • Controlled by a single user interface
  • Tests are developed on a project basis concerning the specific use case:
  • terminal, card, server, and end-to-end tests

SIMfony Conformance Test Platform

The most popular conformance test platform for the UICC interface of mobile devices

  • Based on UICC simulators
  • UT³ Platform (conformance)
  • IT³ Prove! and Prove 2 (pre-conformance)
  • Integrated network simulators for all 2G, 3G, and LTE networks
  • Validated at GCF and PTCRB
  • Test case packages for every relevant GCF work item
  • All test procedures controlled by one GUI
  • Convenient test case management
  • Easy-to-use logfile handling
  • Automated test procedures

RSP Core Components - remote SIM provisioning

Reliable building blocks for setting up your own powerful RSP (remote SIM provisioning) environment

Build your own operative RSP infrastructure using SM-SR or SM-DP components.

  • Subscription Manager Secure Routing (SM-SR)
  • Subscription Manager Data Preparation (SM-DP)
  • SOAP interfaces for customer-controlled services
  • Compliant to GSMA SGP.02

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