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Knowledge Base - UPTEQ NFC: Card Admin Quick Guide

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Working with SMAGT100NFC2FF/3FF/4FF cards

SMAGT100NFC is an UPTEQ card type in our SMAGT series that contains ready-to-use NFC test apps and several telecom applications like USIM, ISIM and CSIM.

Select Mode

media 1426587849243

Insert the NFC card and this window should pop up in Card Admin.
Make sure USIM is selected and then click Select.


Secret codes

media 1426588015028

Click the Secret Codes... button and verify GPIN, ADM1 and ADM4.
GPIN1: 1234
ADM1: ADM11111
ADM4: ADM44444



media 1426588180511

To edit USIM click the expansion signs (+) until you can fully see the file tree.
Click USIM.


Edit Ki and OPc

media 1487150322420

Upon opening 0001 Key-op a window will pop up informing you that you cannot read the data, click OK.
Enter in your Ki and OPc value, then click Constants (very important).


Edit Ki and OPc - constants

media 1426588553755

It is very important that you do not forget to enter in the constants and rotation values.
R1: 64, R2: 00, R3: 32, R4: 64, R5: 96
C1: 00 00..00
C2: 00 00..01
C3: 00 00..02
C4: 00 00..04
C5: 00 00..08

Click Update then Close.


Authenticate Ki and OPc

media 1426588963633

To authenticate your keys, right-click USIM and choose Authenticate...


Authenticate Ki and OPc cont.

media 1487150369766

Your Ki and OPc values should be filled out.
With each authentication you do, SQN needs to be increased by 1.
E.g. 00 00 00 00 01, next 00 00 00 00 02, next 00 00 00 00 03 etc..

At the bottom of the window, click Authenticate.
If successfull, a window saying "Authentication has succeeded. Verification has succeeded" should pop up.
You can now close the window.



media 1426588719957

Open 6F07 to edit IMSI.
Fill out your 15-digit value then click Update and Close.


Edit files

media 1426588855375

To edit files, simple continue on.
Double-click a file to open, enter in value, then Update and Close.



media 1426589234916

To access the ISIM files you need to right-click UICC Application and choose Scan 3G.


Activate ISIM

media 1426589350500

Second step in accessing the ISIM files is to activate the ADF.
This is done by right-clicking ISIM and choosing Activation.


Edit files

media 1426589436083

You can now edit files the same way you did in USIM.
Simply open your requested file, enter in the correct information and Update and Close.




Created : 2016-05-03 11:38:06, Last Modified : 2017-06-13 10:44:45

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