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Knowledge Base - Card Admin: Run ATF scripts

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Run scripts in Card Admin


Replay ATF...

media 1358947000615

Click on "Replay ATF..."


Add script

media 1358947081697

Click the plus sign to add script to the list.


Select script

media 1358947135721

Choose the script then click Open.


Run script..

media 1358947218868

You can choose to unclick "Stop when" if you don't want the script to stop if there is an error.
Then click Start.



media 1358947339710

If you get lot of errors, check if they are $DO errors or $DI errors. $DO errors can be ignored most of the cases, but $DI errors means Data could not be written to file.

When the script is finished click Close.






Created : 2016-05-30 13:14:47, Last Modified : 2017-06-14 11:42:02

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