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Knowledge Base - Setting PIN Policy to timed cache on a minidriver card

This document shows how to set the timer in the Pin Cache Policy in minidriver cards with the MD Manager from Gemalto. 

Minidriver Manager Tool

For this mode, the PIN is invalidated after an indicated period of time (value is given in seconds).

Start Minidriver Manager

media 1483604625028

Connect to your minidriver card in your card reader

media 1483604714665

  1. Click on "Connect..."
  2. Select your smart card reader
  3. Click "OK"


media 1483604796751

You will have to login on your card as an Administrator

Admin login

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  1. Select Admin
  2. Click "OK"

On a new / non-personalised .NET card the Admin code has not been set, thus just click OK to login as the administrator.

Change PIN properties

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 Right-click on PINs/User and select "Change PIN Properties"

Setting the timer

media 1483605108182

  1. Select "Timed Cache"
  2. Enter the number of seconds (3600 = 1 hour)
  3. Click "OK"


media 1483605217273

Logout and disconnect


Created : 2017-01-05 09:51:18, Last Modified : 2017-01-05 09:54:20

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