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Knowledge Base - SMAOT UICC: (3G XOR) Fix sync error caused by SQN file

Sometimes authentication in your test network might not initially pass and you get a "Sync error"; this is usually caused due to a mismatch in network sequence numbers and the cards internal sequence numbers.

But this is also due to wrong values in file SQN (6FFE) in our basic SMAOT cards with XOR algorithm. You have to set record 32 in file 6FFE to FFFFFFFFFFFF and record 33 to 1FFFFFFFFFFF. In order to do this you must first change the access properties in file 6F06 (ARR), record 13 (or record 10 depending on card version, check SE01 column for the file 6FFE) so that Read and Update is not set to NEVER.

This lesson shows how to make this manual update of the SQN file.

Start Card Admin and insert the SMAOT USIM card in the card reader

changing 6ffe1

Activate ADF - USIM

changing 6ffe2

1- Right-click USIM - ADF USIM and click on "Activation"
2- Right-click USIM - ADF USIM and click on "Scan Directory" ; Click on "Yes" in the pop-up box

Verify the ADM code

changing 6ffe3

Click on the "Exchange APDU" icon...

Verify the ADM code

changing 6ffe4

Enter values as in the screenshot. Click on "Exchange". A succesful command often has the result SW1=90 SW2=00

Tip: You can save APDU commands for future use by first creating a "Macro File", then enter the Command and a name for that command, and click on "Add" in order to add it to the Macro file you just created. You can add as many commands you want to a Macro file...

Change the Access Rights for Record 13 in file 6F06 [ARR]

changing 6ffe5

1. In ADF USIM, open 6F06
2. Go to the record / tab 13 (or 10) and change the Command Group Read/Delete from NEVER to ALWAYS
Click "Check and Modify"
4. Also change Update/CreateEF to ALWAYS

5. Click "Check and Modify"
6. Click "Update"

ARR changed - Result

changing 6ffe6

Change 6FFE - SQN

changing 6ffe7

1. Open the file 6FFE [SQN]
2. Change all tabs/records to 00 00 00 00 00 00 except tab 32 and tab 33
3. Change tab 32 to FF FF FF FF FF FF
4. Change tab 33 to 1F FF FF FF FF FF


changing 6ffe8

1. You can also choose to set ALL tabs in 6FFE to 00 00 00 00 00 00 and then do an Authentication with Card Admin
2. This will automatically change the 6FFE file and set records / tabs 32 and 33 correctly



Created : 2016-04-29 11:29:01, Last Modified : 2017-06-15 13:49:05

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