GSM SMS controller RTU5017

  • GSM dual-band frequency, 900/1800MHz
  • 2 digital input, "1 pulse counter, "1 analog (4-20mA or 0-5V), "1 temperature input
  • 2 digital output, dry contact relay, AC240V/10A capacity
  • Relays controlled by SMS/Phone call/event from input
  • Alert/monitoring/data logger/Configuration by SMS
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Main applications
  • Water flow monitoring and alarm, water level control, environment (sound/rain/air/dust) data log and alarm, power current alarm, etc.
  • Introduction
  • The GSM SMS Controller RTU5016~RTU5019 are a very simple programmable I/O port (2DIN, 2DOUT, 1 PIN, 1 AIN, 1 Temp. Input) and cost effective GSM RTU which can be used for data acquisition, remote switching machine, temperature monitoring, Pulse Counter, automation system and other applications.
  • The relay 1/2 output will be switched ON/OFF when call from Authorized User number. There are no communication costs, RTU5016~5019 will reject the calling and carries out the ON/OFF action.
  • Support interval time to report the Analog input value, Digital output status, pulse counter and temperature real value to the authorized numbers, and also can report the value of them while the threshold of the ultra-high----high, low ---- ultra-low occurrence.
  • With 2 digital inputs & digital outputs relay, when any of the inputs triggered, will activate one or both of the relay outputs, in the meanwhile, RTU5016~5019 will send SMS Alert to owners immediately. This is very useful if you need protect your assets with low cost solution.
  • In one word, the GSM SMS Controller RTU5019 is the best choice for lots of applications. 
  • Advantages
  • 2 digital inputs for water level, magnet contact, motion detect, heat detect, smoke detect, etc.
  • 1 temperature input for cold room, water pool, warehouse, storeroom, refrigerator truck,refrigeration storage, villa, house temperature monitoring.
  • 1 analog input for all detectors which have 4-20mA or 0-5V output port.
  • 2 relay controlled by authorized phone call (Caller-ID), SMS command, Timer, or controlled by input’s activation.
  • Up to 6 authorization phone numbers.
  • AC power failure alert SMS.
  • Backup battery inside, advanced design for battery switching relay ON when AC power failure. 


DC Power supply 8~24VDC, 2A
Power consumption 12V input, Max 50mA/Average 50mA
Frequency range Dual band 900/1800 MHz (Default)
SIM Card Supporting 3V SIM Card
Antenna 50 Ω SMA Antenna interface
Temperature range -20 - +60 Centigrade
Humidity range Relative humidity 90% (condensation free)
Relay Output 2, Dry Contact, NO type, 10A/250V AC capacity
Digital Input 2, Dry Contact, NC or NO type
Analog Input
1, 0-5V or 0-20mA or 4~20mA, 10 bits
Backup Battery 900mAH, last 18 hours on standby mode
Exterior dimension 150mm"72mm"30mm
Net Weight 600 g
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