LTE Open Multipurpose UICC Card - Trio

Fast: This product is fast, integrating a Turbo engine and enabling fast download of new services and files thanks to Over-The-Air (OTA) over HTTPs capability. Indeed, it is full LTE capable integrating this advanced OTA feature and ensuring future proof capabilities.

Secure: It is secure with a built-in anti-virus and best in class certifications. Common Criteria EAL4+ certified SIM Card for highest security requirements. New applets can be loaded at post-issuance removing the need for this external laboratories security evaluation, thus speeding up service deployment saving both time and money.

Convenient: It is full 4G LTE capable compatible most advanced features such as EAP, OTA over HTTPs and ISIM.

  • Java Card™
  • Global Platform:
    • Release 2.2.1
    • UICC Configuration 1.0.1
    • Amendment A
    • Amendment B
    • Amendment C
  • ETSI up to Release 9:
    • 102 613
    • 102 622
    • 102 705
    • 102 124
    • 102 127
  • Common Criteria:
    • EAL4+ - USIM & DESFire® EV1
  • Over-the-Air capabilities:
    • OTA over CAT-TP
    • OTA over HTTPs
  • EAP:
    • EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA
  • Cryptographic features:
    • RSA up to 2048 with OBKG
    • 3DES, DESX
    • AES 128, 256
  • Transport and access control
    • Calypso™
    • MIFARE Classic®
    • MIFARE® DESFire® EV1
    • Wallet and OTA Management Extension for MIFARE®
  • Up to 768 KB available or 20 applications
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