5G Advanced NFC LTE Card - 4FF

This card provides an up-to-date JavaCard platform compliant with the last industry standards for NFC and LTE commercial deployments.

Large memory available

  • More than 500 KB available
  • Industry's leading secure OS
  • Secure OS and chip compliant to EMV/Co/Visa/CAST requirement certification
  • 3GPP /ETSI Release 6 & 7, 3GPP2
  • Cryptographic support: RSA, DES, 3DES, AES 128, OBKG
  • NFC capabilities
  • Aligned with latest SWP R9 & HCI ETSI Version
  • TS 102 613 R9
  • TS 102 622 R9 except EVT_HOT_PLUG
  • Card emulation: Type A, B, MIFARE┬« CLT mode
  • Reader Mode: ISO 14 443-4 Type A, B
  • NFC API (implementation of ETSI 102.705 R9)
  • Compatible with MasterCard latest MPP application and previous releases
  • Compatible with Visa latest VMPA application and previous releases
  • Compatible with American Express application
  • MIFARE Classic┬« 1K
  • Multi-application management
  • GP2.2.1
  • UICC configuration 1.9.1
  • Amendment A: Confidential Card Content Management
  • Amendment B: RAM over HTTPS
  • Amendment C: CRS API, CREL, Contactless parameters
  • Data connectivity
  • LTE
  • ISIM
  • EAP- SIM
  • OTA over HTTP
  • Parameters for ISO 14 443 Type A, B
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