2G SIM card incl Dummy XOR Algorithm - 2FF

  • 2G SIM card incl Dummy XOR Algorithm
  • 2G Release 5 compliant (3GPP)
  • Interoperability: passed 3GPP Test Suite 51.013
  • Optimal dynamic memory management
  • Dynamic applets and files administration based on standardized 23.048 protocol & GlobalPlatform 2.0.1
  • 2G SIM application capability
  • 2G Java application interoperability for a cost effective and time to market new services deployment
    • Passed test suite 11.13
  • State of the art security :
    • SPA/DPA equivalent measures of security set up on COMP1281-2,-3,G-Milenage, Milenage algorithms
    • DES/3DES, authentication counter
  • Optimal dynamic memory management for a flexible management of applications and card files.
  • Standardised OTA management for a post-issuance dynamic management of the card in order to implement time-to-market value added services, for different customers segments.
  • Device management for support of OMA smart card provisioning for WAP, GPRS and MMS and to store operators’ specific phone settings for simplified handset management.


GSM release 5
ETSI GSM 11.11
ETSI GSM 11.14 (STK)
ETSI GSM 03.19 (API)
ETSI GSM 03.48 (OTA)
ETSI Test Suite 11.13 (API Interoperability)
Sun Java Card Specification 2.1.1
Global Platform 2.0.1

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