3G USIMERA PRIME Card incl Milenage Algorithm - 2FF

Card Physical Characteristics

  • Follows ISO 7816 containing standards (produced by International Standard Organization) for Integrated Circuit Cards with contacts (smart card).
  • Supports class A (5V), B (3V), and C (1.8V) mobile equipment.
  • Communication protocol: ISO T=0.
  • PPS procedure (support of speed enhancement). The maximum speed is F=512, D=32 (223200 bauds at 3.57 MHz). Authentication Algorithms Milenage, and Comp 128 v1, v2, and v3. Applications The card supports the following applications:
  • LinqUs Service Engine – Access to value-added services through the SIM menu. – Remote management for active services. – Introduction of new services through interactive promotional SMS push.
  • LinqUs Phonebook Backup Engine – Synchronization of contacts with Phonebook Backup server. – Restoration of entire phonebook in case of loss. – Automatic registration and synchronization. Compliance
  •   Java Card – Java Card™ 2.1.1 API Specification. – Java Card™ 2.1.1 Runtime Environment Specification. – Java Card™ 2.1.1 Virtual Machine Architecture Specification. Note: Java Card™ 2.2.1 available also.
  • Supports BIP, R6, JC2.2, GP2.1.1 (multi-SD support), ISIM, EAP-AKA and EAP-SIM
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