14. Product ID

14. Product ID

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NFC OpenSense™

Technology for Product Authentication
Smart tag knows when a product is factory-sealed or opened.

NFC SpeedTap™

Technology for Simple, Instant Consumer Engagement and Brand Protection.

NFC OpenSense™ Technology for Marketing

Powerful pre- and post- purchase engagement via mobile.

Optimized one-to-one mobile marketing for different parts of customer journey.

Smart Label Sensors

Cost-effective electronic monitors as thin as a chemistry-based label.

Product Authentication Software

Product Authentication software offers global anti-counterfeit protections and product diversion detection.

NFC on Metal Foils

  • Printed ferrite enables reading of NFC tags where metal would normally interfere
  • Wine and spirits caps
  • Foil-lined packages
  • Foil safety seals
  • Compatible with both NFC OpenSense and NFC SpeedTap

Fragi Anti-Tamper Label

Customized tamper proof labels, which are known for their security they provide. Once these labels are applied on a
glossy surface, other people can't tear them down in complete and reuse them. their self-destructive function can be widely used in many occasion like parking system, asset tracking and other protection system.

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