Remote Maintenance & Control

Cell phone towers, pipelines, manufacturing equipment, building systems and office equipment all require regular monitoring and maintenance to keep business assets running at peak performance. M2M and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provide an important avenue of support to enable remote monitoring and maintenance and to provide important diagnostic information so service technicians arrive prepared for successful repairs and updates when needed.

M2M Modules, services and cloud based Application Enablement Platform​ are opening up a world of new business possibilities for enterprises interested in supplying next generation services. SMARTJAC offers a wide variety of embedded Java™​ M2M Modules for improved computing power and high bandwidth 3G and 4G connectivity plus comprehensive engineering support for integration into existing systems or new innovations from the ground up.

Remote diagnostics
Warning and diagnosis systems provide prompt and efficient notification when critical thresholds have been reached and maintenance and updates are required.

Remote monitoring
Always on M2M connectivity allows two-way communications and access to systems even when a service technician can't be present. Systems can be configuration and updated securely over the air to restore proper functioning.

Remote maintenance
Software updates can be securely installed over the air with a simple click of the mouse and routine maintenance and monitoring is automated and supervised by management via web based portals.

Manufacturers can easily track and analyze product life cycles of machines and leverage key learning to improve product design and develop new features and capabilities.

No matter where monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance work takes place, mobile networks are available and can be used along with M2M solutions to access systems and make updates and repairs without expensive fixed-line installation.

With always on M2M connectivity, enterprises can offer demand-oriented services such as pay as you drive auto insurance and improved customer service such as text message payment reminders when premiums are due. It's also possible to monitor lease agreement adherence and automatically renew or update contracts when needed.

M2M technology can help improve service and maintenance in a variety of areas including building systems and technical facilities, vending machines, office equipment, control stations, ticketing machines, transport system and more.​

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