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Kit Content:
- SMARTJAC SIM Editor Software download
- PC Twin USB SIM Card Reader HW
- SIM Card Adaptor
- Sample cards

IBM Video Analytics

Smart Video Analytics

Every piece of your video surveillance footage tells a story.

tPro ECC secure usb token

tPro ECC is a small, user-friendly device for authorizing electronic funds transfers. It is embedded with certificates and private keys based on the Elliptic Curves Cryptography (ECC) mechanism, one of the best solutions for the future-proof secure systems.

tPro OTP

tPro OTP is a small and user-friendly device that generates and automatically inputs one-time passwords, based on the HOTP (HMAC) algorithm. There is no need to rewrite passwords from a card or a screen, so they can be much longer which increases security.

tPro OTP may be used in banking, but it can have other purposes too. Apart from verifying transfers and operations, it can be useful in all the situations, where a username and a password are not enough.

MePIN - Mobile Strong Authentication

Mobile strong authentication – securing the user experience.

Smart Card Application

Applications of Smart Cards.
Smart cards are currently used for a vast array of applications.

eSIM Platform As A Service

Accelerating the adoption of eSIM around the world.

In its most basic form, SMARTJAC eSIM Platform As A Service is just a digital replacement of what an operator does today when they hand out plastic SIM cards and assign them to subscriber profiles in their systems when they are activated.

Except now instead of plugging in the SIM card, the user downloads a digital SIM profile to the device after scanning a QR code provided by SMARTJAC managed platform.

eSIM Profiling

SMARTJAC eSIM offers eSIM profiling for flexible and fully scalable subscription management for provisioning of eSIM on eUICC, with easy operation and eSIM activation on secure subscription management servers. With the subscription management system, you can control and account your eSIM profiles. The eSIM subscription management servers interact perfectly with the eUICC, including the crypto controller on the eUICC. The plattform is compliant with the GSM association and the SIMalliance standards.

What is PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)?

What is PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)?

Discover what you need to know about the level of security PKI provides, how easy it is to implement and how convenient it is for users.

PKI, military-grade security that assures the highest protection of sensitive data, coupled with strong user authentication.

Push Authentication from your mobile with MobilePASS+

SafeNet MobilePASS+ is a simple strong authentication method that lets users authenticate with a single tap of a finger on their mobile device. When accessing a protected resource, a push notification is sent to the user’s mobile device. The user opens MobilePASS+, taps to approve the login request, and is then logged in to the resource.

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