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3G USIM Card incl Milenage Algorithm - 4FF

3G USIM card with LTE Profiles incl support for Milenage algorithm - 4FF

Multipurpose UICC Card with LTE files - Dummy XOR - 4FF

Multipurpose UICC Card with LTE files and USIM/CSIM/ISIM applications - Dummy XOR auth algorithm.

MIM Product Range

M2M and IoT applications present new technology challenges, and in many cases, standard components designed for consumer devices are not ideally suited to the job. To meet the need for an M2M optimized SIM card that is ruggedized for long life in extreme conditions, R&D developed a specialized platform called the Machine Identification Module - MIM™ that has quickly become the preferred solution for enabling secure cellular connections.

UPTEQ 3G/4G Advanced NFC LTE Card - Trio

Advanced 4G/LTE/CDMA/3G Multipurpose UICC card - We currently have 2FF, 3FF and DUO (2FF/3FF) on stock

Connected Cars

In the fast paced automotive industry, innovation and leading edge technology are paramount to success. Modern connected car technology does more than just improve communication and convenience, it is revolutionizing the industry and providing a new frontier for invention that is transforming the way we live and travel!


The healthcare industry relies on an endless variety of medical devices to assess patient wellbeing – weight scales, thermometers, blood pressure devices, heart rate monitors, glucometers and oxygen monitors just to name a few.

Smart Energy & Metering

Growing concern over climate change, increasing utility prices and the availability of sustainable energy like solar are driving increased demand for conservation, pricing transparency and cost savings.

Remote Maintenance & Control

For businesses that rely on industrial equipment, machines and vehicles to get the job done, service and technical support are critical to success.

Tracking & Tracing

The logistics industry faces many challenges across the globe – from rising energy costs to increasing security concerns and growing competition.


Mobile payments are quickly gaining acceptance across the globe.


In an age of increasingly open borders and growing urbanization, our basic human need for security is more keenly felt than ever.

Biometric Authentication

Authenticate individuals, not something they carry or something they know.

Lumidigm® V-Series V371 Fingerprint Reader

Biometric authentication and card reader on a single, easy-to-use device.

Lumidigm® V-Series Fingerprint Sensors

Multispectral imaging technology ensures accurate biometric authentication.

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