Connected Cars

Growing traffic congestion, emerging smart city technologies, new CO2 emissions legislation and increasing fuel prices are shifting traditional transportation paradigms across the globe. Increased collaboration between enterprises across the entire transportation spectrum - automakers, technology providers, wireless service providers, digital security experts, energy companies, smart city solution OEMs, fleet operators, distribution companies and more - is giving rise to a world of new mobility, new opportunities and new challenges.

Automotive M2M technologies enable a wide range of next-generation capabilities including 4G LTE infotainment systems, mobile WiFi, smart card level security systems, advanced smart powertrain solutions, eCall and bCall communications for immediate emergency roadside assistance, ADAS and driverless car applications, multimode transportation, shared vehicle programs and much more.

To take advantage of new opportunities and remain competitive in today's marketplace, traditional automotive companies are changing their business model from "product supplier" to "mobility service provider". The keys to success are innovation and close cooperation with essential value chain partners including: IT service providers, energy companies, e-mobility providers and traditional mobility providers such as rental car companies, train operators, public transportation enterprises and car sharing providers.

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