Windows 7 offers BitLocker Drive Encryption to help protect the drive Windows is installed on (operating system drive) and on fixed data drives (such as internal hard drives). Encrypting File System (EFS), on the other hand, encrypts personal files and folders one-by-one and linked to a user account. Both applications use Windows to generate a File Encryption Key (FEK) to encrypt the drive or folder in question and the FEK is encrypted with the user’s Public Key. Only the user that possesses the
corresponding Private Key can decrypt the data. Both applications ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information but their effectiveness depends on keeping the Private Key safe and secure (risk of theft and/or hacking).

Gemalto Solution Benefits

The Gemalto Protiva™ solution to the above challenge is to store the private key, used to decrypt the FEK, in a Gemalto .NET (or Gemalto .NET Bio) smart card or a Protiva PKIToken for maximum security and portability - protected by a PIN or fingerprint. Finally, it should be noted that there is no need to install any specific software on Windows workstations.

End user experience

There is the clear benefit of convenience as the user has a PIN code to remember instead of a long complex password. At the same time, the user is made to feel more responsible for the protection of the assets of the company because the keys are always with the user.


Solution Components

→ Gemalto .NET (or Gemalto .NET Bio) smart cards and/or another Protiva PKI Token.
A wide range of Smart Card Readers and accessories.
 vSEC CMS software to manage the Gemalto .NET and minidriver smart cards. Cloud computing in action, DAS is a web based service provided by Gemalto and its partners - the end customer has no software to install or maintain.

Data Protection provides a platform for adding other applications such as Secure Remote Access, Document Security (Signature & Encryption) and Company badge with Secure Logon.

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