Building on its award-winning SafeNet Authentication Service, Smartjac is now offering SafeNet Trusted Access, a new access management service that makes it easy to manage cloud access with cloud single sign-on, scenario-based access policies and multi-factor authentication—all from the same management platform.

Simple, Easy, and Fast
With fully automated strong authentication and over 400 out of the box integrations. SafeNet Authentication Service lets you protect all cloud services and network apps – in a matter of minutes.

Minimal Administration
Easy-to-use authentication options give your users flexibility and convenience, while automated workflows minimize daily management tasks for your IT team.

Flexible As-a-Service or On-Prem Delivery
Organizations that want to benefit from cloud efficiencies can opt for SafeNet Authentication Service delivered from the cloud, while those that prefer on-premises delivery get all the benefits of our cloud service installed in their own data centers.

Set up your own Cloud-based Authentication Service
Whether delivered as-a-service, or on-premises, SafeNet Authentication Service offers a multi-tier, multi-tenant architecture that lets service providers and MSSPs set up their own cloud-based strong authentication services.

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