SMARTJAC Smart Card Management Tool Box

Java Card technology provides a secure environment for applications that run on smart cards, sim cards and other trusted devices with limited memory and processing capabilities. Multiple applications can be deployed on a single card, and new ones can be added to it even after it has been issued to the end user. Java Card also includes a set of unique tools for developing new products.

The Java Card Development Kit includes a complete, standalone development environment in which applications written for the Java Card platform can be developed and tested.

SMARTJAC Smart Card Management Tool Box contains following five (5) products:

1) vSEC:CMS S-Series software which is fully functional with minidriver enabled smart cards and it streamlines all aspects of a smart card management system by connecting to enterprise directories, certificate authorities, physicalaccess control systems, email servers, log servers, biometric fingerprint readers, PIN mailers... the list goes on. With vSEC:CMS organizations can issue smart cards to employees, personalize the smart card with authentication credentials and manage the lifecycle of the smart card - directly from the off-the-shelf product.

2) IDPrime MD 830 - Minidriver Enabled PKI Java Card
Minidriver enabled contact / contactless smartcard, with Plug & Play capability. FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified (for both PKI and OTP applications). Fully supported by IDGo 800 sdk (Minidriver, PKCS#11 libs, Credential Provider).Smart Card minidrivers are implemented according to the Windows Smart Card Minidriver Specification. The specifications prescribe the version and related capabilities to which a minidriver will conform.

Examle: Smart Card Minidriver Specification, v7.07

3) IDBridge CT30 usb Smart Card Reader: Innovative transparent design to highlight the card. Modular concept with accessories: stand, floppy disk tray, to simplify logistics and inventory. Maximum usability and reliability with non removable cable, preventing reader unplugs. Compact and lightweight to optimize shipping expenses on large project deployment, fitting in a standard postal envelope size.

4) Operator Token for Admin use

5) One (1) year support and maintenance 

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