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In our ever increasing digital world, IT professionals face a significant challenge to keep the corporate security walls intact and upright. Not only do they need to protect company networks from intrusion, watch over user identities and ensure customer data is secure, but they also need to be gatekeepers. In the world of security, not all users are created equal. Users at the very top level of an organization or those who have access to highly confidential information, such as finance, legal or HR generally need considerably more protection than those without this level of responsibility.

It can be months or years before you know a hacker has gained access to your network. In the case of one significant telecommunications company, hackers enjoyed nearly a decade of undisturbed access to business plans, company emails, R&D reports and technical papers. The intrusion was caused by the theft of passwords from seven company executives.

Spyware, leapfrogging, hardware theft, whatever the method, hackers are on the prowl, determined to steal corporate secrets or client information. Executives are at the highest risk because they commonly have near unlimited access to the most sensitive data and company information. Statistics of corporate espionage and data breaches are on the rise, even though many incidents go unreported for fear of customer loss or stock price influence.

ExecProtect is a customized portfolio of end-point security solutions for your highest risk executives. Dedicated to meeting the needs of today's busy executives, ExecProtect is a convenient technology that enables secure and trusted business operations in an ever increasing mobile world with a whole new subset of devices and platforms in which data is accessed.

Granting access

Single authentication, login with a username and password, is a weak solution and no match for even the most novice hacker. Leaving unencrypted data under the protection of a username and password is about as effective as leaving stacks of cash behind the protection of a screen door. To mitigate risk, all users should be required to use strong authentication for accessing company networks, but executive users need even more advanced security because of the information they access and the potential for real harm if their account is breached.

ExecProtect is, at the very minimum, a strong authentication solution to provide a convenient, yet secure way for executives to login to their portable computing devices. Strong authentication based on USB or card is simple to use and provides robust security required to guard sensitive data assets. Depending on your company's risk level and protected data, additional features, such as pre boot /whole disk encryption or biometric login can be customized to provide additional layers of protection, ensuring only authorized users are gaining access to data resources.

Protecting Identity

Hackers are smarter and more vigilant than ever. Breaking static password authentication and gaining full access through a compromised user account is viewed as a somewhat trivial exercise, especially with the plethora of information available on the Internet which can reveal clues to passwords. This raises significant concern for executives who are privy to a company's most sensitive financial data and personal customer information. A breach would be detrimental not only for business, but for reputation. Compromise of an executive laptop likely would lead to the release of unauthorized client data, possibly resulting in lawsuits, financial settlements and damaged credibility with customers.

Protiva ExecProtect is a strong authentication solution that provides an additional barrier to thwart cyber criminals from gaining access to your sensitive data. Using an easy form factor and login procedure, Protiva ExecProtect provides added control over who can access data, giving your executives and IT staff peace of mind and allowing them to sleep a little better at night.

Most executive are on the go and depend on mobile phones and/or tablets when they're on the road. This creates more entry points for hackers. Leapfrogging, where hackers gain access through a mobile device and move onto the network when users sync, is becoming more and more prevalent. With Protiva ExecProtect, executives can be assured their portable devices and data are secure — protected by the toughest encryption and access credentials in the world. Even if lost or stolen, the device is secure and cannot be accessed if all authentication factors are not present.

This solution not only protects the company, but the executive as well. By requiring strong authentication, there is a high level of assurance of the user's identity meaning that the executive can feel confident that all access events under his or her digital identity would be because they were the ones accessing the data.

Email Encryption and Digital Security

Executives frequently use email to communicate with each other, with board members, and other highly confidential areas such as legal or HR. It is well known to hackers that top level email strings can contain powerful information regarding corporate strategy, financial results, product development and customer acquisitions. Probably not the type of information you want your competitors getting their hands on. Corporate secrets such as those listed above can go for big money on the black market.

Protiva ExecProtect can be easily customized to include email encryption. By using certificate-based smart card security, executives can choose to encrypt any emails containing sensitive data. The cryptographic process within the smart card protects the email so only the intended recipient can decrypt the message. This functionality is easily enabled using a Microsoft infrastructure and productivity tools like Outlook. So even if an executive's email account is hacked, sensitive data will be protected from prying eyes with Protiva ExecProtect's encryption technology.

In addition, you want to know official documents are coming from the person they claim to be. Digital signature guarantees the authentication of the person signing the document. Digital signature is also less expensive, faster and more efficient than "wet" signatures for validation and approval.

Solution Components

→ http://www.smartjac.biz/index.php/component/eshop/identity-access-products/smart-cards/gemalto-idprime
→ http://www.smartjac.biz/index.php/component/eshop/identity-access-products/smart-card-readers

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