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Enable flexible monetization models
IoT is enabling new business models. Take the example of PaaS (Product as a Service), where an OEM produces a device, but rather than charging the customer up-front, the OEM allows the customer to pay through flexible models (metered, monthly, pay-per-use etc.). The Sentinel Software Monetization solutions allow OEM and CSP (cloud service provider) to implement flexible monetization models through tried and tested technology.

The role of software is increasing and will continue to increase as we see more connected applications emerge. ISVs have historically dealt with many challenges to monetize their intellectual property – the software! This includes problems like piracy and reverse engineering. While software companies have evolved, emerging and incumbent device manufacturers are still new to these issues. In order to monetize their intellectual property, they need proper enforcement of licensing policies for their devices, or even specific features on the devices. Sentinel Embedded and Cloud Service Monetization solutions enable OEM and cloud service vendors to enforce licensing models.

As IoT services evolve, OEM will require a robust infrastructure to remotely upgrade software and features on their devices. But such upgrades require the highest levels of security and reliability to ensure that the device in the field cannot be compromised or leave the device useless. Sentinel Embedded solutions provide a framework for secure download of software upgrades to ensure new features can be rapidly deployed for new revenue streams from connected devices.

Due to proliferation of endpoints, the complexity of multiple device protocols has increased. From standards-based to proprietary implementations, integration of devices into IoT ecosystems is a time consuming process. In order to help devices speak to enterprise or cloud resources, and vice versa, a platform plays the role of an orchestrator. Through the use of device translators, device on-boarding is easier, and the time to setup and run a device in the network is drastically reduced.

A platform provides a framework for rapidly developing new application for evolving IoT use cases. This framework includes (but not limited to) an array of web services for authentication & administration, alarm notifications and location services. It also offers pre-integration with 3rd party services like connectivity platforms and geofencing solutions. These pre-built building blocks help IoT developers​ speed up the development of new use cases, on top of these existing blocks. Developer kits like the Concept Board and Java as an application platform allow quick application design and prototyping. For the customer, this means a quicker time to deployment and a fast ROI for their IoT investments.​

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