Smart Energy & Metering

Smart metering systems are helping energy and utility companies meet these evolving demands and IoT smart home systems are providing homeowners with convenience, comfort and the ability to manage consumption. Smart energy solutions provide real time visibility into consumption and billing data helping consumers to conserve resources, while energy and utility companies are better able to balance production to meet actual demand reducing brown outs and other potential issues. These smart systems also enable operational efficiencies that require fewer service visits, reduced labor costs and improved cost efficiency for consumers and producers alike.
M2M solutions enable secure connectivity that allows people and enterprises to trust in today's leading edge smart energy and smart home solutions.

enabled smart meters provide accurate, up-to-the-minute consumption data making billing more transparent and less confusing for consumers. It allows utility companies the flexibility to automatically adapt pricing schemes to match seasonal and off-peak demand to give consumer the best pricing possible.

As the specialist in digital security, SMARTJAC offers solutions such as MIMs, Secure Elements and unrivaled security architecture consulting to ensure that both utility companies and consumers can trust in next generation smart services.

Always-on, secure M2M connectivity transform smart meters into high speed smart home hubs enables new capabilities and services including Internet access, power-by-call and secure over-the-air updates and service changes when needed.

M2M-enabled smart meters are continuously monitoring and managing energy use so utility companies can react immediately to damaged equipment or service interruptions, even in remote, hard-to-reach locations. The latest M2M modules offer embedded Java™ with advanced computing power and high bandwidth 3G and 4G connectivity, which helps OEMs innovate new products and bring them to market in a shorter period of time.‚Äč

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